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    Hi, I am Sara!    I am a calligrapher & stationary designer.

    Calligraphy style (in paper/digital)

    • Copperplate

    • Italic/ Italic variation

    • Modern Calligraphy

    • Engrosser's Script

    Products & Services

    • Wedding Stationary Design 

    • Envelope Writing

    • Personalized Card

    • Procreate Brushes

    • Calligraphy Practice Guide (ipad pro)


    • Modern Calligraphy/Copperplate - Beginner's level

    • Modern Calligraphy/Copperplate - Flourish

    • Brush Pens Calligraphy + Poster Design

    • Floral Watercolor

    • Custom made Workshop (i.e. Xmas Card, V-day Card)

    I am here to help new starters to improve their skills and create beautiful designs by providing calligraphy tool kits and creative procreate brushes.  


    Please feel free to contact me if you need any personalized design.



    Thank you very much for your interest in my digital product!

    If you download from your computer:

    1. Click on the download link in the email you have received.

    2. Purchased item will start downloading.  Once it is done, click on the downloaded blue folder.

    3. Inside the blue folder, there is an "Installation guide" on how to proceed further depending on product type.

    If you want to install directly from iPad

    You can load them directly from your iPad by following the below instructions:


    1. Install the “FileExplorer Free” app on your iPad.

    2. Click on the download link in the email you have received.

    3. Safari opens, and you will see a page with your Zip file, choose “Open in FileExplorer”

    4. Once it opens, select to save the file in the “Local”, click “Save”.

    5. Your downloaded file should now be in the Local folder.    You may need to refresh by pressing “Local” again. (You can always rename your file later on). Click on the zip file and select “Unarchive”.

    6. You should now see the Unarchived blue folder.  Select it to see the files inside.

    7. Inside there should be an "Installation Guide" and it will guide you through the whole process.




     Location: Hong Kong

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