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Italic Variation (Beginner's Level) Practice Workbook (iPad pro)

Ever since I started practicing calligraphy I have been looking for workbooks to practice with but I just can’t seem to find a proper one anywhere, this is why I have decided to create one myself. I hope this workbook can help all those budding newbies out there who want to give calligraphy a try and want something solid to work with. Happy writing  =)


This Italic Variation (Beginner’s Level) contains two sections:


Part I (a total of 7 pages)

- Basic strokes

- Lowercase letters

- Words composed in Italic Variation (lowercases)


Part II (a total of 6 pages)

- Uppercase letters



To thank you for your support, I have included phrases written in Italic Variation that will come in handy when you create your own design/ greeting card. Please feel free to use them in your designs.


Furthermore, I have included a procreate brush for you to practice with as well.


Once you have finished this workbook, you are ready to level up! Italic Variation (Flourish Edition) awaits! =)


Remember - Practice makes Perfect!


File Type

Procreate files

PDF (Personal note from me & Installation Guide)


This product is designed for users who have: 

- ipad pro

- ipad pencil

- procreate app

Italic Variation (Beginner's Level) Practice Workbook (iPad pro)

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